Tips for Tumblr SEO

tumblr SEO The blog sites that you publish on Tumblr are most of the time indexed in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is not always the case though and you may need to do something like add a video or build some backlinks to it to get it to index.  There are a lot of people on the internet that have the belief that you cant do much with a  Tumblr blog site  Hopefully our short list here will give you some tips and tricks to improve your Tumblr presence.

1. Craft an engaging keyword and include it in the title. Make sure you have a custom-made URL for each of the posts and include the finest keyword in the title.

2. Choose cool and engaging images: While including images or images, Tumblr will pop out a description window. The description needs to be keyword abundant and relevant to what your blog/topic is about

3. Supply descriptions for both the material being linked  and likewise the material in the external link when you connect your blog site text to external material. In this manner, you will have the ability to place more keywords than otherwise.

4. Add a meta tag :Browse your style’s HTML for a meta tag description. If it is not there, include it, and you need to examine this every time you upgrade your blog site.

5. Sitemap :If you do not have a sitemap for your Tumblr, prepare one and send it to Google Web designer Tools. Your Tumblr is one out of the million others with comparable material. You need to do something to make it stand out and look like a “real” site.

6.Keywords:Place a keyword that  explains your blog site in your domain. It will be more helpful if you might keep it brief by removing unneeded words and utilizing just those particular words that will assist comprehend exactly what your blog site is all about.

7. Get Social With It: Under the Posts area, you will have the ability to include social bookmarking tools. Due to the fact that it will assist your posts take a trip outside Tumblr and capture on with other social networks, it is vital to include these tools to your Tumblr

8. Pay Attention to the Header: The header in the primary page will be the very first trait that will be seen, so, keep it in size H1 and as the visitors click on it and browse to the blog site material, you will have more essential traits that you will desire them to observe. The other crucial traits like the subheadings can be set in H1 in the blog site page.

9.Post Titles: Let it be the title rather than something that does not assist place keywords if you desire to supply a link that will take visitors to the very first page of the blog site. Connect the title to the primary page if you desire to supply one.

10. Keywords in Your Permalinks: If you can utilize keywords in the permalink URL, it will be more valuable. To allow this, look under the Advanced Settings and allow the Usage Detailed URLs.

11. FILL OUT YOUR PROFILE:  This is very important. If you have the default Tumblr background and avatar, you need to take the time to fill these out and customize your profile. No one wants to follow an account that looks like its being run by a bot or being used for spam purposes.  Treat it like a real website. Take the time to craft it
Following these suggestions will assist you in enhancing your Tumblr. Make sure that you have actually turned on the selection  that lets search engines index your Tumblr. Good luck Tumblrs.

Here are some great examples of people doing it the right way on Tumblr.

    Not much content on this one right now, but they are on the right track. They have a custom Tumblr theme installed and have spent some time making this site look good.
    She has a real profile.  She has good content and its a variety of different types of content.

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