SEO and the Summer of 2016…

Now that we’re into the full swing of Summer, while you’re probably taking care of many things in your business, don’t forget to devote some time to making sure your website is Google, Yahoo and Bing complaint. It might be time for a summer tune-up. There have been some changes and updates in what Google is looking for over the last few months. Once again, mobile is being viewed as being more and more important, and it’s key that all pages on your website are mobile friendly. If you’re not sure how your site stacks up, give us a call – we can provide a no-cost, no-obligation audit of your website and let you know what needs to be worked on – as well as what’s working well on your site.

In addition to being mobile friendly, Google is paying more and more attention to “page load speed”, which is how quickly your front page loads onto a device when someone comes to it. And if you think about it, it only makes sense that your main page should load quickly. It indicates that you’re ensuring that your site visitors and potential customers are having a good experience.

And speaking of customers – do you have all of the relevant social accounts that one might expect to find on your site? If you haven’t set up a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or perhaps a Pintrest account, don’t wait – get those enabled and filled with high-quality, relevant content! More and more, the “Big 3” search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing – want to see that your website is making sure that your customers can connect with you.

As always, we’re here to help. If you have any search engine optimization questions, or want to know how your site ranks, we can provide a detailed audit, along with recommendations. If you already have a developer or webmaster that you’re working with, great. If not – we have a dedicated team on staff that can make sure your site is 100% optimized, which means that your customers can find you online.


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